Let us say you encounter a web page you really like, and you want to know the web page size of your desired web page, then all you have to do is to use a web page size calculator. Web page size calculators compute the web page pixel size as well as the total bytes each web page has.

1024 by 768 is the average web page size. This means that a majority of internet users have the graphics on their monitor set to accommodate 1024 pixels wide by 768 tall. This is why most web pages are made to fit this size. On average, a web page size of 1024 by 768 has close to a million bytes to it.

This includes all the graphics elements as well as the text and the CSS file. The Google Search Engine Page has only more than 30000 bytes to it, owing to the fact of its simple interface.

Web page size calculators are beneficial for designers as well as web programmers. So as to check how heavy the design elements are and to ensure that the web page will load owing to web page optimization.

Web designers and web programmers do not want for their websites to hang in the middle of loading, thus making a web page size calculator an important tool.