Font Size


Font Size

Font size, imagine having to look at a web page where the fonts are too small that you can barely read the text. Imagine having to squint hard in order to read the text. Tiresome isn’t it? What about having to read a web page which font size is too large it is almost offensive? Either situation presents a compromising situation to the web surfer as either situation turns off the average web surfer. Which is why there is, of course, a standard web page font size.

The text in most websites is what really makes or breaks the website which is why it is important that the text are readable and easy on the eyes. NO website must contain very small fonts and very big fonts, except for headers.

Web page font sizes

which are too small can lead to headaches and problems such as readability. Web page font sizes which are too big can turn off the reader as they can prove to be offensive and too cheeky.

fon size

The standard web page font size is one which accommodates for readability without the running the risk of offense. Most common web page font sizes are those which range from 10 px to 14 px never really going under or over those designated numbers.

The reason why there is no fixed number is because every font attribute is unique. Fonts like Garamond and Arial Black are smaller than Times New Roman and Verdana.